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It’s been a while 1 year exactly how bad ! I will be more consistent this year 🤣

Can't believe where last year went, what a busy year. I can't thank all our customers who keep coming and basically keep the salon opened ❤️

Well a few awards were won last year,

Shannon Mulgrew Best Stylist

Best Nail Team

Best tanning salon

Best tanning expert with SHABA awards

So a successful year for the salon in 2022.

Megan was in Australia there for a month visiting family she had an absolute ball, but we missed her and are so glad to have her back.

Stefinie has been working hard with her Uni, also she is doing amazing with her spray tanning clients and now she is learning nails 💅🏼 and doing very well. She is still limited hours Tuesday is the day she is available for nails so if anybody fancies a discounted set get intouch. I'm alsways with her keeping her right ❤️

We have been busy in January which has been great and can't thank everyone enough as I know times are crazy just now with all price hikes but hopefully we can get through it. (I'm hoping my manifesting is working) haha I'm sure it is. It is January so I have my new morning rituals so let's see ask me in April if I'm still doing them 🤔🤣 anyone else do these ? I love hearing things you all do ❤️

There is exciting news coming too .... I can't wait to share with everyone in due course.

I am still offering nail training, I am working on dates just now so if anyone Intrested drop me a message with contact info and what course. Also if you are a nail tech and reading this and you fancy trying Brillbird Products this is all we use for nails in the salon. Great nail product feel free to contact me if you fancy trying it. I am also a stockist and have a website www.Brillbird products can be picked up from salon if you are local so just contact me for code to get shipping deducted.

Any I hope January 2023 has been great to everyone ❤️ It has been great so far for me think it's all my manifesting ❤️

I hope to see everyone soon

Love Desiree xoxo

Sharing this wee random set of nails done by me using all Brillbird products and brushes. Done for Robbie concert in Amsterdam to match his pants 🤣

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