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January 2022

Well who is glad January is here, I have never been so happy to see January 2022! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I don't know about you but I haven't made any new year resolutions, mine is to get through each day .. Let's smash this year! I have plenty of Goals and daily tasks but I ain't beating myself up if I don't make each task, I will just move it to the following day. I have done the 1-100 envelopes where I pick 2 per week and put the amount in it says on the envelope and put them away, so please someone ask me in June if I am still doing it lol .... again I ain't beating myself up about it. I also signed up to Spanish Lessons its a 10 week course with Glasglow Girls Club but I am missing the first one live as I am trying to catch up with clients. Feel free to share your goals or resolutions.

Anyway back in the salon removing Santa nails from most of my clients who all got plenty of Christmas Art this year. What is going to be popular in nails this year, I've been doing black since coming back and I think this will continue for a while, which I think will move to different shades of blue very soon, along with French making a come back, using different colours and also mismatched designs on different nails, so lets see what this year brings on the nail front.

A few Nails done for January 2022

I was in shops other day, and seen lots of animal print I absolutely love animal print, I love doing animal print nails too so lets see what rest of this month brings with nails, hopefully lots of designs

Megan is on holiday for 2 weeks she is back Wednesday 19th January, she is also celebrating her birthday on the 11th January so she has a well deserved 2 weeks off. Looking forward to her coming back to work. Get your bookings in with Megan via our online booking system.

Stefinie is doing great with us, she is doing fab with Tans and Make up, these are still on offer tans £10, and make up £18 again use the online booking system to book with her.

Here is a few pictures of her make up and tans.

Claire, Mandy and Shannon are back in salon too bookings being taken, Claire has online booking system to book with her. Mandy and Shannon if you contact them direct or leave a message with salon if you are looking to get appointments.

We are hoping to be in the final of the 4th Scottish beauty industry awards. Here is the link to vote for us !

If you use us for tans please vote tanning salon (34)

If you use one of our nail technician (8) please vote using their full name, Claire Smith, Mandy Hunter, Megan Tullis or Desiree Carrigan with @Desiree's

If Shannon is your stylist please vote for her - Hair Stylist (5) using her full name Shannon Mulgrew @Desiree's

If Megan is your go to Make up artist please vote for her Make up artist of the year (27), using her full name Megan Tullis @ Desiree's

In town/city section please enter Kirkintilloch, Glasgow.

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