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Tanning September 2021

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Well spray tans seem to have went a bit mental again, which is great for us. Before Covid they seemed to be getting less and less and was thinking about doing something else with one of our tanning rooms. Since being back lots are wanting a professional tan which is great for us.

I have recently taken on a new spray tan as I couldn't get fake bake, the new tan is called Saorsa by Saorsa Cosmetics a local lady from Glasgow, which is great for us, also allows us to support a local business. Ive have been trying this tan out and love it. The fade for the extra dark was really good and i was still dark 6 days after getting the tan. The express tan faded very well too and a nice colour not too dark and not too light when using express you can leave for the following, 1-2 hours light, 2-3hrs medium, 3-4hrs dark. Its available in different scents, cherry, strawberry, melon, baby powder and chocolate, all are lovely and different colours available; Express tan, Light, medium, dark & extra dark. So in stock I have Extra Dark Cherry which is so dark but gorgeous. I have Dark strawberry, Medium baby power and express baby powder.

I have also bought retail tan, which I have Instant mousse which will last 24hrs and just shower off and not transfer onto clothes. (I will give feed back on this) I also have extra dark mousse for my daughter to try and give feedback, and express mousse again will feed back at later date.

When getting a tan with us

You will be given sticky feet to prevent the souls of your feet from tan, you will get a hair net, you will be offered paper g-string and paper strapless bra. We also wipe your nails and toes after tanning you to avoid staining, and we will dry you.

Im so excited for everyone to try this new tan and tag us in pictures.

Tip for preparing for spray tan and after.

So you are going for a spray tan, I would recommend you start exfoliating your body 4/5 days before, moisturising daily, day off your tan have a shower at least 4hours before going for a tan, don't wear perfume or deodorant if you can and don't moisturise (we moisturise for you) shave 24hrs before. Wear loose clothing top covering your elbows and knees and keep this on until you shower your tan off, this stop skin touching skin especially if you are bending your arms and will help prevent the v inside your arms (very common but normally down to people wearing vest top or t-shirt. Once showering tan off, only wash were you need to wash, j if you get any streaks you just haven't taken your colour guide off properly, go back into shower and gently rub the area. Once out pat dry don't rub. Then you can moisturise daily, helps tan fade better and again when showering pat yourself dry, about 5- 6 days after you can gently start exfoliating your tan off fully, getting ready for your next tan.

So I hope this helps with your spray tan. Any questions feel free to ask and I will help if I can.

This picture was when we won spray tanning salon of the year back in 2018, myself and Shannon went to pick the award up (Great times when we could all party with no restrictions). First ever competition we entered as a salon.

Love Desiree xoxo

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